• Rockschool Results

    Posted on March 28, 2013 by in Upcoming Events and News


    We are very pleased to announce that we now have received our Rockschool results for our recent grading entries carried out at The Forum Music Centre on the 15th March!

    We had 4 students go through Grade 2, 4, 6 and 8.

    Our Grade 8 entry was awarded a distinction with 90%! Then the other three entries were awarded merits all above 83%!

    We work very hard with those of our students who want to do grades and this time was no exception!

    A big well done to all our candidates! You did us proud!

    Gradings are becoming more and more popular with many of our student although they aren’t an essential part of learning to play the drums!

    A good reason to take grades is that for grades 6 to 8 you are awarded UCAS points towards university places! Sometimes that little help can make all the difference!

    Thanks for reading and please get in touch via our contact page or give us a call if you are interested in having a go at learning to play drums even if grades aren’t for you. We cater for everyone!

    Please visit us again soon for more of our students achivements and details of upcoming drum events!

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