• Rockschool Grade Results

    Posted on August 29, 2014 by in Upcoming Events and News

    We had 4 of our fantastic students go through their grades at the Forum Music Centre in Darlington on Friday 11th July.

    Evan Coates Grade 1Their results are now in!

    Evan Coates  Grade 1 95% Distinction

    Oliver Watson Grade 1 87% Merit

    Matty Wilkinson Grade 8 82% Merit

    Harriet Eastham Grade 2 80% Merit 

    For both Evan and Oliver it was their first grade experience and for them to do as well as they have its a fantastic achievement! Evan achieved 95% which is literally un heard of and the best mark any of our students have ever achieved! Well done Evan!

    Once again for Harriet it was her first grade experience and to go straight in at Grade 2 and achieve 80% is excellent!

    Matty has worked incredibly hard over the past 2 years with his grades. He did his Grade 4 early last year and then Grade 6 end of last year achieving both mid 80 Merits for them both! To then go on and do his Grade 8 this year he has done both us and himself proud. Great work Matty!

    We are incredibly proud of all 4 of them and hope to update you soon with some more of our student’s achievements.

    Please take some time to come back and visit us soon :-)


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