Our youngest student Oliver!


“Andy started teaching my son Oliver over a year ago. Not only have we seen Oliver progress amazingly in such a short amount of time but it has helped him at school. His school report even stated that his extra curricular of drumming has helped him in their music classes. Oliver loves his drumming lessons, there’s not many 6 year olds who can drum all the way through AC/DC’s Back In Black”


“I’m one of Rhythm Dynamics’ more mature students aged 39. The teaching methods are very flexible to fit in with my lifestyle and music tastes. I mainly like to play Rock music, so that’s the route we are going down. I’ve learnt a lot in the last year, including how to read drum music, rudiments, playing grooves, shuffles, fills, and now I am actually playing in a band. I’ll be continuing to get lessons through Rhythm Dynamics for the foreseeable future as there is so much to learn and so much enjoyment in playing the drums.”


“Andy’s been teaching Matty for 18 months now and the progress Mattys made has been outstanding. Andy is very professional and a very capable drummer. More than that though, he’s a damn good teacher. He’s young and modern but has a depth of understanding of drumming beyond his years and that all comes through in his teaching.”


“I have been having lessons for almost a year now with Rhythm Dynamics and find the teaching style very helpful and flexible, allowing me to fit lessons around my busy lifestyle. The lessons have allowed me to explore different styles which previously I was not aware of or did not think of exploring. I would recommend Rhythm Dynamics to anyone wanting to try, learn or improve.”


“Andy is a very dedicated, inspirational teacher, who really takes an interest in his pupils and tailors his lessons to suit everyone’s abilities and requirements.”


“I was stuck for a Christmas present for my Dad so I rang Rhythm Dynamics and asked to buy some drumming lessons. “No problem” he said. I explained that my Dad was a total novice and he’s in his sixties. “No problem, we cater for all” he said. “That’s good” I replied, “Because he’s also totally blind.” Without hesitation he said “No problem, we’ll find a way.” And he did! Fantastic facilities and a relaxed, informal environment. The lessons were carefully planned, well structured and great fun! Expert tuition with simple explanation and clear demonstration. Andy’s enthusiasm and inspiration made it more like coaching than tuition. I was truly amazed how far my Dad progressed within just a few sessions. Now he thinks he’s a rock star! Best Christmas present Ever!”