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    Hi Guys!

    We thought we would write a quick blog about our upcoming Rockschool exams..

    A week today at the The Forum Music Centre in Darlington 4 of our awesome students are going to be going through grades with Rockschool.

    Why Rockschool? Its simple…because they are the best! They have up-to-date tracks in the all new syllabus and you can also mix and match and play up to 2 free choice pieces which can be your own choice as long as they meet certain criteria but also can be out of the Rockschool Hot Rock Book Series!

    Not heard of the Hot Rock Series of books? The Hot Rock series feature specially edited classic rock tracks that can not only be played for enjoyment or to learn a particular song you like but in each book you get both the full transcription and an exam version of each song. RSK0608001The books are available from Grade 1 – 5 and we regularly use them in our lessons! Please check them out here!

    We always say to our students grades are not an essential part of learning to play the drums but are very good for gaining a sense of achievement and for grades 6-8 you’ll get UCAS points! Brilliant for those looking at a university place in the future!

    We intend to make an appearance at the Forum next Friday as we have some pre-exam prep lessons going on but also because we like to be there to support our students. If your in the Darlington area and fancy a pop in to say Hi, you can contact us here or alternatively we’ll just see you there!

    Below is a link to some Exam Advice that we have just found under the news section on the Rockschool website to help our students prepare… http://www.rockschool.co.uk/news/newsarticles/newsarticle.aspx?NA=185

    We wish our students all the very best of luck for their exams in a weeks time and we will let you know have they get on in a future blog.

    For more information on Rockschool exams with ourselves or if you just fancy a bash at learning to play drums please contact us here

    Thanks for reading and please come back to visit our site soon!

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