• Grade 8 at Age 11

    Posted on June 11, 2019 by in Upcoming Events and News


    We thought we would share with you a phenomenal achievement of one of our students.

    Oliver Clarkson who is aged 11 recently embarked on his Grade 8 exam after doing drum lessons with us for only 3 and a half years! He came to us at the very end of 2015 after just doing Grade 1 through his school. We are bursting with pride to share that he achieved a WHOPPING 87% in his Grade 8!

    Oliver has been an absolute pleasure to teach the last few years and has been very hardworking and that solid dedication and passion is the reason he has achieved above and beyond. Going from Grade 1 to Grade 8 in that incredibly short space of time is an outstanding achievement.

    He now has the Rhythm Dynamics top spot for our youngest to have ever achieved Grade 8 and we are very proud of him for that. This will no doubt take some beating. Oliver will definitely go far with his music and has recently decided he wants to learn the piano alongside his drums. His musical talent demonstrated so far will definitely help him going forward.

    What happens after Grade 8 you might be wondering? Stop lessons? Stop learning?.. No way! We are currently now progressing on and doing a further in-depth study into sight reading, advanced improvising and working on some new techniques too.

    Massive well done once again Oliver from us all and keep up the hard work!

    Here at Rhythm Dynamics we are committed to giving our students the opportunity to learn the way THEY want, to help progress with THEIR ambitions; whether that is to play in a band or to progress through the grades or simply just to come and have fun! Contact us today to get involved and start your Rhythm Dynamics journey!

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