• Rockschool Grades 11th July ’14

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    Hi guys,Rockschool Grade 8 Book

    We thought we would let you know about our upcoming Rockschool grades.
    A week today Friday 11th July 4 of our wonderful students will be doing their grades exams at the Forum Music Centre in Darlington.

    The candidates are:

    Matty Wilkinson Grade 8
    Matty has been getting lessons with Andy for about 5 years now. He has always worked very hard, constantly pushing the boundaries to the next level! He embarked upon his early last year achieving a Merit and then has gone from strength to strength. He did his Grade 6 in November last year again achieving another Merit and now is going straight in for his Grade 8. It is always a pleasure to see someone progress from a total beginner to Grade 8 level! Well done Matty keep up the hard work!

    Harriet Eastham Grade 2
    Harriet has been getting lessons with us for just under 18 months and Grade 2 is the first grade she is going in for. We have covered a number of different songs out of the Rockschool Hot Rock books, some of which she will be performing on Friday. Great work Harriet!

    Evan Coates Grade 1
    Evan started playing drums with us in Easter last year and has been constantly improving his playing ability and skills over the last number of months! Once again he has covered a number of different songs from Rockschool’s Hot Rock Series of books including Highway to Hell and Supersonic.

    Oliver Watson Grade 1
    Oliver who has been getting lessons with Andy now for approx 3 years started playing at the young age of 5 and quickly shown very quick progression on the drum kit! He is a pleasure to teach and always tries his best! Only recently have we decided to start the grading process and I’m sure he will do brilliantly in his first grade! The plan is to then quickly prepare and go for Grade 2 towards Christmas time! Watch this space!

    Here at Rhythm Dynamics we strive to take people in the direction of study they wish and many people these days are very keen to do their grades. We find they are great targets to work towards and for Grades 6 to 8 you get UCAS points for! For those potentially wanting to go to University in the future this is an added bonus!

    We only use Rockschool Exam Board because they are the best! We are very proud to hold a 100% Merit and Distinction Record!

    We wish the very best of luck to all of our students doing their grades next Friday and will keep you updated with their results!

    Thanks for reading and please come back and visit our site soon 🙂


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