• An Evening with Benny Greb

    Posted on May 8, 2013 by in Upcoming Events and News

    Oscar Ogden

    We attended the Benny Greb clinic last night at Newcastle College and we thought we would let you all know how it went!

    Benny was supported by young drummer Oscar Ogden from Manchester who started the night with a boom! He played for 10-15 minutes along to 2 separate tracks. At the age of 13 that dude really knew how to groove and had some very clever ideas going on! Well done Oscar! He will go far!

    Next up was the main man Benny Greb! He started by playing along to couple of tracks from ‘The Benny Greb Brass Band’. It was fantastic to hear something ‘out of the ordinary’ played and it kept everyone glued to their seats!

    Benny then went straight into a lengthy drum solo and being creative is definitely his thing! Don’t think it was possible to think of any other ‘unique’ ways of achieving different sounds from behind a drum kit! It was phenomenal to see him express his unique ideas!

    The next bit however was the real good part!….Q and A!! One question would lead to a 15 minute answer but he kept it relevant and the man was nothing short of a genius!!

    He finished the night playing the track ‘Grebfruit’ from his solo album! Once again very unique and kept everyone smiling! Take a few minutes to listen to a version of the track here!Benny Greb Drum Clinic

    Over many years we have attended many of these drum clinics but last night was up there if not the best! The reason…it was different and the way he explained things his way! Very educational and more importantly incredibly inspiring!!

    Next time you play use the Breb Greb way…. WHAT am I playing? HOW am I playing it? and WHY have I chosen to play it in that way?!

    Take a look at Benny Greb’s website here!

    Big thanks goes to Andy Anderson and the guys at Drum Shop UK. also Meinl Cymbals, ProMark sticks and all others involved for yet another fantastic night!

    Thanks for reading and keep visiting us for updates on upcoming events and clinics! These are nights to remember!!

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