• Aaron Spears Clinic Tour Newcastle..A Roaring Success!

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    For those of you who couldn’t make it last night to Newcastle College for the 4th leg of the Aaron Spears Clinic Tour we thought we would write a short blog about how awesome the night was!

    Supporting Aaron was Carl Thomson and Young Drummer of the Year 2012, Calum Blair! Both awesome players!..what a success the night was!

    Carl started the night playing a few tracks from different artists and bands he has been working with. These included a mash up of songs from Electro band ‘CODE:MANTA’ previously known as Spector. LA bands  ‘Pullman Standard’ and also ‘The Raise’.

    Carl is a good friend of ours here at Rhythm Dynamics and we always like to see him doing well. Well done Carl! It was a mind blowing performance!!

    Next up was Calum Blair, Winner of Young Drummer of the Year 2012. This year ‘Mike Dolbear’s Young Drummer of the Year’ celebrated its 10th anniversairy. It’s always a great event, giving young drummers a chance to shine! Entries have now opened for Young Drummer of the Year 2013! If you are interested in entering or know someone who is find out more here.

    Calum played 3 or 4 tracks from different genres, one being 70’s classic ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ by ‘The Average White Band’. He really ‘laid it down’ playing some outrageous fills across the beat for a number of bars and then coming back in bang on beat 1 with a solid groove! AWESOME!!

    Now for the finale! The man himself..Aaron Spears!

    Over the course of the evening Aaron played along to a number of Usher tracks and also shared some of his practice routines! It was inspiring to watch him in action! He interacted well with the audience and answered a lots of interesting questions put to him about his playing, inspirations and his experience within the industry!

    He shared a love for playing in odd time signatures such as 5 and 7 and did an awesome demonstration of playing in 7!! WOW! He then went on to play along to Radiohead’s ‘odd time’ song “15 Step”! Amazing!!

    He finished the evening with a meet and greet and signing session! Overall it was a top night!

    If you missed out you still have time to see him in UK as there are 3 more stops to his tour! One is the London Drum Show at the weekend!! Check out the Mike Dolbear site here for exact venues and information.

    Big thanks goes to Andy and the guys at Drum Shop UK and Mike Dolbear for organising what was an awesome night!! If you guys haven’t visited the Drum Shop you really need to go take a look, as it is any drummers dream!..As Aaron said last night, “Its the best Drum Shop I have ever been in”!

    Thanks for reading and visit our site again soon for more updates on upcoming drum events!




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